Young Dental Force
Dear students and young colleagues,
My name name is Maxim Belograd. On behalf of Belograd Academy and myself I'm really happy to introduce to you our project that is called "Young Dental Force" which is conducted in cooperation with International Dental Students association.
The idea of project.
The idea of the project is to motivate you and to share with you knowledge that we have and also to open free access to our online master-classe database and hands-on courses in the way of contest and completion.
Yes, you can win free spot in our workshop at BG Academy that costs 1700 EUR as well as online masterclasses.
Please read instruction of the contest in the text below and May the dental force be with you!
How it works
There will be few stages to get the final price - hands-on course.
Stage 1
- We give you the list of our TOP online master-classes here on this web page.
- You need to vote which one you would like to participate for free.
- The course that will get more votes will be opened to all of you 1st of March.

The process is simple:
You click on the button, fill the registration form, vote and wait.
Yes, and don't forget to share this web page with your university mates and other students. More votes we have the more bonuses you get and become ambassadors of global dental information sharing.
Stage 2
- 1st of March 1st you will get free access to online masterclass that gets more votes.

- Access and instruction will be sent via messengers or email.
There will be test related to the topic the masterclass that you have to pass.
Stage 3
22nd of March we will define winners.

We pretty sure that there will be a lot of people who will have passed test successfully so the one will be defined utilizing online randomize system.
All process will be broadcast live on IADS and BG Academy social media.
You will be informed about exact time of ceremony in advance.
Maxim Belograd
Founder, CEO BG Academy
He is one of the most well-known international lecturers and trainers in a field of advanced microscope, esthetic, restorative dentistry and endodontics.

He visited more than 40 countries with practical courses and lectures as speaker, and doctors from more than 70 countries took part in the BeloGrad Academy project.
1st place
Free spot in hands-on course
Module 3: All about veneers, July 02-04
2nd and 3rd places
50% off for the same hands-on course.
Compensation price
Free access to online masterclass that will get 2nd place by votes on the Stage 1 to all who has passed test successfully
May the dental force be with you!
Maxim Belograd, CEO of Belograd Dental Academy