We are hands-on!
The whole world studies with us.
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Now in the very center of Kiev, where you will efficiently upgrade skills and knowledge, as well as have a great time in the rhythm of the capital.

The whole world studies with us.
77 countries in 2018-19.
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BG Academy innovations
We have developed the unique training programs based on practical techniques, correct protocols and HI-END technology.
100% hands-on
Unique training formulas - only hands-on sessions.

Proven teaching methods, confirmed by the results of the participants of our courses.
A signature atmosphere that cannot be described - you need to feel it.

All world
You have great opportunity to communicate with colleagues all over the world - BG Academy was visited by 77 countries in period of 2018-2019
What's new?
New programs became more balanced.
This will save your time and increase efficiency.
The freedom of action
Now you can choose leisure and evening programs as you wish.
The very heart of Kyiv. Great shopping, gourmet restaurants, clubs.
And we are preparing new programs for various specialties, including assistants and dental technicians.
Hands-on workshops
Module courses. You can participate in one or all modules.
Maxim Belograd
Maxim Belograd is the founder of BELOGRAD Academy. He is one of the most well-known international lecturers and trainers in a field of advanced microscope, esthetic, restorative dentistry and endodontics.

He visited more than 40 countries with practical courses and lectures as speaker, and doctors from more than 70 countries took part in the BeloGrad Academy project.

Maxim Belograd is the first lecturer from the CIS who provided courses on 5 continents and successfully presented his educational programs.

Lectures and presentations were conducted during prestigious dental congresses and conferences as well as individual «solo» formats with attendance from 100 to 3000 participants. Hands-on sessions were provided in certified BG training centers all over the world.
Direct flights to Ukraine from almost any country in the world.
Only 2-3 hours (within Europe) and you are in Kyiv. The ancient city with magnificent architecture, delicious cousin and unlimited entertainment. This is a nice bonus to our hand-on courses.
The whole world!

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